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The Latest in Online Entertainment

What’s on lately?  That’s a really good question.  There’s so much that is available these days in terms of video content, that it’s incredible.  We all know that in this information age, there is a ton of info out there.  Well, not just a lot, but really amounts that can’t even be absorbed by us in a lifetime.  In fact, even computers struggle with having the ability to process and store all of it.

What’s really interesting of what’s happened in the pat 10 years is that the same is true for video content.  The website YouTube, for example, started as kind of a niche thing for people into videos online, I suppose.  But, it really was this thing off in the corner that didn’t get much mainstream attention.  That’s exactly where we were not too long ago at all.  When Google bought YouTube it was a strange acquisition and many people didn’t understand it.  There was ridicule and laughter about why Google would pay so much money for YouTube and these random videos that it contained.  What possible value did Google see in this site and its questionable content, that was the feeling.

Today, of course, anyone can well understand how such a colossal blunder this was for people that felt that way and made fun of Google.  And, you must give kudos to Google for making the acquisition and having the vision of how useful videos and the whole social media culture that we have today would become.  There is so much information, marketing, and entertainment that is provided on just that one platform.

There are others and most well known for commercial movie and entertainment streaming is Netflix and Amazon has also entered that market with strong energy.  Then, there are other players such as Hulu and a bunch of others out there.

Some surprising developments that have taken place are that companies like Netflix have actually become something of a movie studio now.  They are funding a great deal of money in producing original content that becomes Netflix exclusive movies and shows for their audience.  I suppose this shouldn’t be surprising and is a natural development, but it is quite a turn of events from Netflix simply providing content from others to now actually being the content provider itself.

Speaking of YouTube, it seems like even though we’re seeing richer and larger companies doing amazing and expensive things, there’s also this newborn or retro culture of actually watching content from individuals that are not celebrities, per se, but normal people that have really made themselves into something in the online world.

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